20 August 2007


Giving five dollar blowjobs to complete strangers in deserted back alleys so you can score your next shitload of heroin... CAN BE STRESSFUL!!!

Not to mention tough on the ol' tastebuds...

Falle and Jessica Lourenco, a fellow survivor of post-traumatic stress disorder, are eager to speak out about the trauma they experienced in their former profession.

They say they are among countless numbers of women who acquire the disorder while working as prostitutes.
And leave it to the Red Star to equate selling yourself to strangers... to the proud, dedicated and disciplined life of a soldier.
A 2003 study by California researcher Melissa Farley says about 68 per cent of sex workers surveyed in nine countries, including some from British Columbia, reported post-traumatic stress disorder on the same level as those who served in military combat.
Oh, by the way, it's not the clientele that make prostitution dangerous... it's the government... and by extension, I suppose... that damned Stephen Harper.
Scott, whose group is launching one of the lawsuits, says, "there's nothing inherently dangerous about prostitution. What makes it dangerous is the way the laws are set up in this country."
I thought I'd heard it all.

I was wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Typical journalits "compassion". The MSM always looks out for the "little guy" by repeating the phrase "Oh poor little oppressed, underprivileged dears" without ever acknowledging that people are even a bit responsible for their own plight.

MSM compassion is cheap and shallow and serves only to make journalists feel better about THEMSELVES rather than actually SOLVE any sort of problem.

RightGirl said...

Soooo, what if you make your living servicing servicemen? Does one cancel the other out? Hmmm... let me conduct a study, free of charge, and get back to you on that...


Anonymous said...

It should be legal anyway. There is no reason the government should be allowed to decide that two people can't have sex and exchange money for it.

Neo Conservative said...

"RightGirl said... what if you make your living servicing servicemen?"

yup, it's eerie... it's just like the military.

say... if you're cut down by a sexually transmitted disease... does the fellator-in-chief give you a "purple esophagus"?

otoh, why would you need two?


Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... It should be legal anyway."

i have a friend who feels the same way about heroin. i disagree with him too.


Doggerelle said...

'there's nothing inherently dangerous about prostitution'

ooooooooooh, right.

sorry, my mistake. prostitution is the world's oldest and safest profession then.

but then, you're already making smart choices if you're trading for sex, right? Oh, if only the government would take responsibility for all of those risky personal manouvers...

Neo Conservative said...

"doggerelle said... world's oldest and safest profession"

that's probably why you hear so many parents say... "if only little susie could grow up to be a hooker."


Anonymous said...

What colour of ribbon do I need to put on my truck to show that I "Support the Hookers"?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... what colour of ribbon..."

how about a raw, oozing pink?


RGM said...

Scott is woefully misinformed if she thinks there's "nothing inherently dangerous about prostitution" and that the laws are the source of women's suffering through their existence in that horrific "trade." Men who purchase women for the purpose of raping them do not believe that women are human beings deserving of dignity or self-worth. That basic disconnection from humanity is what permits these johns to commit such horrific acts against prostituted women, ranging from Pickton's mass murder to the widespread rape and other forms of abuse that women endure while in prostitution.
Farley runs a fantastic website, http://www.prostitutionresearch.org that has a large amount of information about the realities of life in the sex industry.
Over 90% of women who are in prostitution want to escape it immediately; there are a myriad of reasons why that is not possible for many of them. Anon @ 1132pm is woefully ignorant. If you honestly believe that it is a purely equal exchange of cash for sex and everybody goes home happy, you are deluded and you need to inform yourself immediately about the harm that your position causes for women who are, in many cases, imprisoned in prostitution until their pimps decide they have no further value and murder them.

Anonymous said...

Yep, using heroin is the same as having sex.

This is nothing but the dictation of sexual tastes, and despite what some people think, there are men and women that ACTUALLY have different sexual tastes and mores. The stigma also comes from without.

Exactly what IS wrong with someone giving someone else money for sex? How is it different than it would be without the money?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... This is nothing but the dictation of sexual tastes"

you can't really believe these women are out on the street blowin' a dozen guys a night in back alleys... because it's fun.

i think being a junkie is the major reason these women are desperate enough to sell themselves to strangers.

one additional question... you really wouldn't have a problem with your daughter being a hooker?



Anonymous said...


I have a daughter, so I guess I'll answer your question. The answer is, at the moment it is extremely unsafe BECAUSE it is illegal. Of course I wouldn't want my daughter to be a hooker and I would do my best to have her do something else that I believe would be more intellectually stimulating and rewarding. That having been said, I wouldn't want her to be a lot of things - e.g., professional boxer, clown, pseudo-celebrity, etc.

She will know that sex isn't something to be afraid of, however, and that what happens between consenting adults is no one's business. It's unfortunate that lesson wasn't taught to anyone here.

In any case, this issue was not about my daughter. This issue was about why people feel compelled to enforce their own moral views on consenting adults even when the amount of harm to the individuals involved is actually increased. Under a legal system, the problems that everyone talks about would not exist - and despite your efforts to skew the discussion by describing the worst cases (and the ones that would be addressed by a legal system) - you have still not addressed the point that, despite what you WANT, this industry does exist and the participants aren't always unwilling. The harm done is because of it's illegal nature.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... why people feel compelled to enforce their own moral views on consenting adults"

it isn't about morality. it also isn't about commerce or hedonism. and too much of the time it's about underage girls... not consenting adults

it's about prey and predators.

prostitutes are prey... that's the real reason you don't want your daughter to be a hooker... isn't it?

unless, of course, you're saying you wouldn't have a problem with her being a "legal prostitute"?


Eliot Spitzer said...

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