13 August 2007

Wind in the willows

Kept the boy up late last night so we could lie out in the back yard, eat caramel corn and gawk at the Perseid meteor shower. Nothing like staring out into the speckled void of eternity to really put things into perspective.

Obviously, human beings are a flea on the ass of the universe. The boy just asked if we could do it again tonight... a perfect dad moment.

This afternoon I grabbed up the Stihl and trekked out back for a little "chainsaw therapy". Lots of sun and birdsong... the bugs are on the wane.

A couple of hours bucking firewood into lengths and another trailer load of winter warmth is ready for the splitter.

Rounded out the day with canneloni and a Corona. The word superlative comes to mind.

Now, this may sound a little smug, but I just can't help wondering how all that stacks up, against whatever the Bay St. boys and other assorted urban serfs felt they actually accomplished over the last 24 hours.

It isn't too late... get out while you can.


trustonlymulder said...

"wind in the willows playing tea for two...the sky was yellow and the sun was blue..." a line from the Grateful Dead's "Scarlet Begonias"

Birdsong - The name of another Grateful Dead tune.

Methinks there is a theme to your stargazing that makes me think of California sunshine and tye dye playing games with my eyeballs....

Glad you enjoyed both the day and the meteor show.

Neo Conservative said...

"trustonlymulder said... Methinks there is a theme to your stargazing"

no deadhead i... totally coincidental.

on the other hand, i could looptape "hotel california" for weeks at a time.


bluetech said...

Yesterday was the perfect summer day in northern Ontario...and ended with meteor gazing, thanks to your reminder.
Psalm 8:3-4
humbling,just like you said.