17 August 2007

Another Aboriginal Triumph

Well, there's one thing they're good at... screwing over the "Great White Mother".

-- WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba native group misspent more than $6 million in federal health-care funds on exotic trips and unjustified payments to the organization's CEO, a federal audit has revealed.

The audit revealed several examples of questionable spending, including insufficiently supported payments to chiefs and councils, questionable travel claims and professional fees for third-party firms that were paid to the group's CEO.
Just one question here...

If the government has enough accountants and computing power to suck regular taxpayers dry... why can't they track this larceny?
Health Minister Tony Clement blamed the mismanagement of funds on the former Liberal government, and said Health Canada is taking steps to ensure the government has more control over future funding agreements.

"I think when the Liberals were in power and this occurred, political oversight and accountability wasn't something they were terribly interested in."
Ah yes, the Fiberals...

"Your money, their friends."


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Nancy Keeper, the addictions worker on the dry Pauingassi First nation reserve (former home of murdered six-year-old Adam Keeper) who was caught with 161 bottles of whisky has caught the eye of the federal government.

LAST WORD: And Jesus wept...

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langmann said...

The only thing that surprises me in that article is that the Toronto Star Pravda didn't have the obligatory comment from Steffi on how Stephen Harper is ruining everyone's lives, in particular Natives.

Anonymous said...

Liberals will let anyone steal money as long as they get a kickback.

Criminals used to go to prison for that sort of thing, Canadians allow Liberals to get away with theft.