28 August 2007

$700 million of sheer hypocrisy

-- Queen's Park Bureau -- Health Minister George Smitherman made the announcement today at a seniors' centre in Don Mills, saying money to fund the programs will start flowing next April.

"The only thing that puts it at risk is the election of John Tory," Smitherman said in reference to the Progressive Conservative leader.

WAIT A MINUTE: Bernardo cruises... Granny loses

Here's how much Dalton cared about seniors, before he started his massive pre-election bribery spree...
Seniors in subsidized retirement homes — including war veterans who served their country — receive a per capita allotment of $5.46 for three meals a day.

That works out to more than $1.50 less than inmates in Ontario prisons who get $7 and it’s an irksome reality to many in the field of geriatric care.


Anonymous said...

McLiar is suddenly finding billions of dollars to hand out to friends of the Liberal Party - but he won't repeal his $600 health tax.

Ontario taxpayers are a bunch of stupid suckers because McLiar has bought off so many people to campaign for him with their money.

Taxes will go up again if that SOB is re-elected - and it will be just what the people of Ontario deserve.