16 August 2007

That special time of year

Yessiree... time to bring back that diesel suckin', carbon spewing dozer of death... to finish razing my own little stump-strewn rural route to nowhere.

Out back again yesterday afternoon... slangin' firewood and cleaning up the slash along the margins of the bush road running through our 20 acres of mixed woods. A few scary moments bringing down a hundred plus foot poplar that had fallen over slightly onto its neighbour and was looming over my "fight-of-way".

Anyway, it's finally all dried up back there and the bugs have almost disappeared... so I guess it's that time of year when men's thoughts turn to the finer things in life.

Just the thought of it makes me inordinately happy... as I wrote last year at the start of the project...


For just today, forget politics, forget the Islamic bomb, forget the real world runs on a sea of grease.

If you don't love bulldozers, you'd better drop what you're doing and go straight to the nearest sex-change clinic... because you ARE officially a woman.

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Clive said...

Hmmm... tell that to my 3 year old daughter, whose favorite thing in life right now is definitely a bulldozer, closely followed by backhoe, tractor, crane, concrete mixer and dump truck - and who loves diesel almost as much as her dad.

Neo Conservative said...

"clive said... tell that to my 3 year old daughter"

sure... it ain't all black & white but anybody who claims there are no embedded gender differences are simply fooling themselves.