15 August 2007

A little stab'll do ya

I don't think I'll be heading down to Queen St. West, anytime in the near future...

A Queen St. W. safety audit released by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas cited graffiti on storefronts, assaults on business owners, break-ins, vagrants sleeping on doorsteps and open drug and alcohol abuse.

"The laneways we examined were `no-go' areas, completely taken over by vandalism and evidence of drinking, drug use and other inappropriate activities. Business owners who rely on access to their establishments through the rear laneway face potential risk any time they open their back door," the report said.

The association also places the blame on four nearby social service agencies, including St. Christopher House. Patrons acted aggressively and harassed passersby.
Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, who represents the area, said one shouldn't let the complaints of a few residents give a skewed perspective of the street, which has the highest concentration of art galleries and artists in the city.

"It's one of the safest neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto. It is now and is continuing to be."
Yeah sure Joe... tell that to Ross Hammond.

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Anonymous said...

Torontonians voted to spend almost a quarter billion dollars a year to make sure there are people living on the streets - they provide catering, wine, cigarettes, clothing and camping gear to make sure the 'homeless' feel right at home on the street.

It's not surprising that when the average taxpayer walks through what is basically 'their' living room, the homeless feel entitled to hit them up for it.

KURSK said...

I worked on Queen st. in its heyday, the early 90's..and some of that 'inappropriate ' behaviour would include defecating in doorways, sex..(try sweeping up condoms first thing in the morning..) intravaenous drug use..syringes everywhere..drug addled mental health patients out on weekend passes from QMHC , selling their meds..it was endless..

..and yes, we had stabbings then too..and worse..

Jeff said...

you do realize that 3 of the 4 people who were involved in the stabbings were illegal immigrants?

but guess what, they were americans. doh!

queen st is far too hip for a skid like you anyway. you're better off in your basement.

langmann said...

@ Jeff: Perhaps we should ship the one guy back to the US since he's also wanted there. At least he'll get what he deserves in the US instead of the 5 minutes in jail he'll get here.

Jeff likes poverty, its hip as long as its not actually happening to Jeff himself. That's why he and his ilk likes to pay to keep people poor.

Neo Conservative said...

"jeffy said... but guess what, they were americans"

it's statistically anomalous, but why would it matter to you where these criminals are from? i bet ross hammond's widow doesn't care that these murderers' were american and not, say... israeli.

i also don't get why a a fartcatcher for the "party of porous borders" would be so gleeful about this.

as for hip, jeffy... how old are you anyway, that hip is such a big part of your life?


OMMAG said...

I was working in TO during 1999 2002 had offices at MetroCenter and Lived near Simcoe and RichmondWest...

Over those 3 short years I watched the entire area degrade continuously...returning in 05 to witness still further decline.

Queen St. West from Spadina to University was always the worst.
The incidents of harassment by panhandlers and street bums went from being an occasional thing to being routine.
The advocates for protecting these street vermin have a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

It should be illegal to give money to panhandlers.

Anonymous said...

" The advocates for protecting these street vermin have a lot to answer for. "

And won't . . .

Just remember your present outrage when election time comes around.