29 August 2007

More Liberal Principles


In 1998 Mr. McGuinty met with Mr. Farber and 50 other executive members of the CJC and told them he was open to faith-based school funding. It was the first positive sign from a provincial leader on the issue since the group began campaigning for it in 1984.
Dalton McGuinty has betrayed Ontario Jews who believed the Liberal Premier was in favour of funding their faith-based schools, says Bernie Farber, chief executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Mr. Farber said yesterday he was floored to hear Mr. McGuinty attack faith-based schools as segregationist and harmful to Ontario's "social cohesion" last week.
My personal feeling here is that we can only afford to fund the one "public school" system.

That doesn't excuse Dalton McGuinty's unconscionable turnaround, after he managed to milk the Jewish community for their support. Didn't he pull the same sly trick on the parents of autistic children?

Another Fiberal promise crumbles into ashes.

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Anonymous said...

Dalton McGuinty is a Liar - stupid people who believe anything he says get what they deserve when they support him.

Liberal voters enjoy paying their $600 'health' tax. Unfortunately, the idiots force the rest of us to pay too.