21 October 2021

PS... 'He was also armed with an axe'

Smell that 'professional' borscht-belt journalism...insert alt text here
-- "Toronto police are looking for a man who they say broke into a North York home, removed a quantity of jewelry and 'MADE A CLEAN GETAWAY' after taking a shower in the residence. Investigators said that they believe the man spent 'a number of hours' inside the home during the incident." --
I wonder if the homeownwers are appreciating the alleged humour in this report. 

-- "Isaiah Witt stepped in to stop a fight between a group of teens in an East York park four years ago and for his trouble, the 15-year-old was stabbed to death by Tyrelle Lee, 18, as he lay helpless on the ground, Lee stabbed the boy in the chest with his gold switchblade." -
-- "Kalyan Trivedi, 31, who allegedly fled the scene of a collision on the Gardiner Expressway near Islington Avenue that left a woman dead has been arrested, Toronto police say." --