02 January 2020

John "Head in the Sand" Tory

What is Toronto's Mayor terrified to talk about? Go on... take a guess... I'll wait.

insert alt text hereReminds me of a story I heard from my Toronto ALS Medic buddy. He's at Sunnybrook Hospital Trauma Unit after serving up yet another bullet-riddled gangbanger and a young nurse, obviously not long in the trenches, asks him, "Where do you take all the white people who get shot?"

Truly a pivotal moment. Not sure where it went from there.

Anyway, let's do the math...
With 292 people shot, 2019 comes to a close as Toronto’s bloodiest year on record for overall gun violence. Forty-three men and one woman have been killed in shootings in Toronto this year.

In an emailed statement, Courtney Glen, a spokesperson for Mayor John Tory, said the mayor continues to work closely with Toronto police to address gun and gang violence in the city.
Does he really? Is John Tory being upfront & honest about gun violence in Toronto?most wanted
“I think that kind of talk about sort of, you know, where this all arises from, or sort of who’s to blame, is not very constructive,” Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters in Nathan Phillips Square.

UPDATE: A commenter over at SDA suggests...

...that the figures quoted here are low because it does not include the GTA, or Greater Toronto Area. He is not wrong as outlying cities like Oshawa & Brampton are coming into their own, like gangbanger burbs, if you will.

These days, even sleepy Ajax Ontario, where I grew up... has numerous shootings & even "jackings." It is the price we pay for welcoming in the larger world. It is delusional to deny this.


TORONTO • Two people have been critically injured in a shooting near Regent Park in the area of River Street and Dundas Street East just after 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night.
As per usual, no information whatsoever about victims or shooters. Let's not give people ideas.


MEANWHILE AROUND THE GTA: Peel Region resident...

...discovered living solitary decades-long life in cave...
“Wow, I mean, I don’t see Brampton being that type of town. It’s pretty surprising.”
UPDATE: Shooter of 17y/o identified...
Peel Regional Police arrested Zakaria Hassan, 22, from Hamilton, on Thursday and charged him with first-degree murder.
Police are investigating after a driver was shot at while travelling along Highway 50 in Brampton late Wednesday night.

LAST WORD: Getting a Gun license in Canada

And no, you still don't get to carry on your person.