27 September 2018

Don't like prison? Well, just transfer out...

...if you simply say you're female... or in this particular case, aboriginal... doesn't that magically make it so?insert alt text here

Alvin Francis, chief of the Nekaneet First Nation says his band is 'shocked' that convicted child murderer Terri-Lynne McClintic has transferred to a minimum-security healing lodge on their land. "We have no say in who goes there."

McClintic was convicted eight years ago of the gruesome rape and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford.

Francis said band members are forced to trust federal prison officials to make the right decision, which makes him feel uneasy. "Elders are concerned about who comes there," said Francis. "Because with no fences there she can walk off, right?"
So, what exactly are the "wages of sin"...
In December, Terri-Lynne McClintic was quietly moved to Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Saskatchewan where she has a bedroom, living room, kitchenette and access to teachings, ceremonies and workshops with elders.

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Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale referred to McClintic's role in Stafford's murder as "bad practices."
Sorry, Ralph... "bad practices" is biting your fingernails. Kidnap, rape and murder is way beyond that.


LAST WORD: In other "Hug-a-Thug" news...most wanted
In a year where gangland shootings, murders and drug overdoses could set records, Toronto Police have decided to trim the very units that fight all three. "Two of the six Integrated Guns and Gangs Task Force teams will be eliminated and the drug squad will go from six to four teams.”

Gangsters feel emboldened to carry firearms because they know police can’t card them and there will be no fast moving TAVIS-style surprise visit.

This is happening just as Toronto Police are about to receive a $6-million boost from Premier Doug Ford’s new government to help combat this year’s out-of-control shootings and murders.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says---------------- justice demands she hang.

dmorris said...

I suppose no one is allowed to ask CSC WHY this woman has been transferred to a country club as that would be an invasion of her privacy, but I'd sure like to hear the logic behind this move.
Has anyone established if she IS what we used to call, "Indian" before they moved her to a "Natives only" site for a "Natives only" treatment?

I read an article where a politician was worried there might be vigilantism occuring here in Little Placid Canader, due mainly to judgements like this one.
Frankly,it's not such a bad idea.

Neo Conservative said...

justin's bff ralph goodale did admit
that this child murderer did engage
in "bad practices."

and no, she's not born aboriginal.


dmorris said...

Neo,if McClintic is NOT aboriginal, how can the treatment,which is basically spiritual mumbo-jumbo about Indian mysticism, possibly work?
The theory is that Indian Elders offer their wisdom and coach the person on getting in touch with their Indian gods/spirits/ancestors,and thus heal their tortured souls.
My god, you can sell anything these days if you present it in a pc light!

BUT,if the person is NOT an Indian,going by their own pc rules, what bloody good does it do to listen to a group of elders spout mystical nonsense about Indian spirits and get in touch with her ancestors,who are NOT Indian?!

This is more politically correct insanity. btw, I wonder how the effects of a healing lodge worked on Christopher Pauchay,the guy that let his toddlers freeze to death in a blizzard, one of your and my personal favorites among Native victims.

Neo Conservative said...

this isn't about belief... it's about
getting an apartment with a bedroom
and a kitchenette... and a prison with
no fences.

note the nice double bed to accommodate
her jail wife.