22 April 2017

"As was widely foreseen..."

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"...the Liberals’ 'Legalize marijuana in as awkward, truculent, and impractical a way as possible' legislation has created a whole new industry."

"I don’t mean selling weed, of course: we had that trade before. I’m referring to newspaper columns, op-eds, and interviews about how crummy this law is."


Anonymous said...

"How crummy this law is"
The Liberano party led by Juth-tin son of Pierre the commie or Castro ?
I am thinkin' Castro.
This bunch is so furbared that their antics cannot be explained by just plain inbred stupidity, it is plainly malice.
Next up will first lady Soapy sing for us?
Is a dope smokin' dope an oxymoron?
At least 2 more years of this bunch of second rate clowns, by that time we will look like Europe.

Neo Conservative said...

given that pierre-lite has basically bailed on all of the election promises he made... how did he manage to build up a 29 billion dollar deficit in his first year in office?

you get the government you deserve.