11 October 2016

Hillary Clinton's long history...

...of destroying women's lives...feminist hillary

In an interview Clinton said that her client had passed a polygraph lie test, and she added, with a laugh, “which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.”
The facts here are that Hillary Clinton's client violently raped a 12 year-old girl. Despite the fact that Shelton’s injuries were so traumatic she could never have children AND knowing that her client was indeed guilty, Hillary got him a reduced sentence.
In 1975, Clinton served as the defense lawyer for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old factory worker accused of raping Shelton after luring her to his car.

Taylor pleaded down to ‘unlawful fondling of a minor’ and served less than a year in prison after Clinton was able to block the admission of forensic evidence that linked her client to the crime.
Trump is right... Hillary deserves to be in jail.


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Bill E said...

More disgusting is her testimony in Bill's defense where she trashes his rape victims - she's shit in a pant suit.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... curious how hillary has a huge problem with trump's alleged treatment of women while standing by slick willie's repeated transgressions.

bill clinton had to pay an $850,000 court-ordered judgement to one of the women... paula jones... yet the msm remains silent.


Bill Elder said...

Yep - comaring Trump's potty mouth to Clinton's collusion in rape coverup, is a game for the soulless whores in the media.

Neo Conservative said...

preachin' to the choir, my friend.

but that's today's brave new world.