16 April 2016

Because... racism

The heartless killer whose hail of gunfire outside the Duke of York Tavern in 2008 killed Bailey Zaveda and seriously injured four others says his aboriginal heritage should get him a shorter sentence. It’s a terrifying thought.

Weese was a career criminal with a frighteningly long history of gun violence.
What... it wasn't a farmer, hunter or target shooter with a legally owned firearm?

That's shocking. Sort of like the girl who was gonna graduate with a degree in victimology who got smoked recently in a firefight between her two exes... (one of whom had been arrested in the USA attempting to smuggle in a fuck-ton of coke).
A ex-boyfriend of Christina Voelzing, [who was killed in a shootout in Bells Corners on Easter Sunday], was arrested without incident on Friday in the Greater Toronto Area.

Police had issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for Behnam Yaali, 23. He was wanted on a charge of second-degree murder.
I'm sure Mr Yaali has a similar tale of woe to Mr Weese.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........I have run out of words. the stupid has expanded beyond my level of comprehension.

Bill Elder said...

Neo asks: "What... it wasn't a farmer, hunter or target shooter with a legally owned firearm?"

Heh, that can best be answered with an allegory :

There once was a city besieged by criminal activity. The citizens feared for their lives and blamed the politicians - the politicians demanded the over burdened police chief "do something". The pressured police chief says; "how do you expect me to do something about crime when you guys make me let the crooks go as fast as I catch them because you don't want to appear cruel to the sensitive public? You can have crime control or you can have a progressive image, but you can't have both."

The politicians collectively stared in disbelief at the Police chief and said; " we never asked for crime control, we only ask that the public see us do something in reaction to a crime." "I got it", says the Chief and he goes back to his office to issue orders.

The next day due to good police work the cops track down the hideout of the kingpin of the crime syndicate around town, holed up in his fortress in a downtown high rise making crack, selling guns and whoring kidnapped girls. So the entire police force surround the building beside it and stage a raid arresting a dozen or so citizens who have not renewed their city business licence, or their dog licence, or who were smoking too close to the building.

After the raid a reporter asks the chief why he arrested peaceful shop keepers, dog owners and smokers when the city's biggest criminals were committing crimes next door right in front of police?

- The police chief says : "because this is something I CAN do".

Neo Conservative said...

christina voelzing... an educated woman, daughter of educated parents, just weeks away from graduating with a degree in tongue-bathing criminals, took up with a couple of mindless thugs, who subsequently decided to have a firefight to settle who got to continue dating this (let's just call her naive) young woman. christina died for her romantic notions & misplaced idealism.

otoh, bailey zaveda was killed because some judge let a career criminal roam the unsuspecting field of folk. and yet another judge will likely let this animal loose again. bailey died for the systems choices.

don't look to society for your personal protection... and make smart choices... it's all on you. this endeth todays lesson.