15 January 2016

What could possibly go wrong?

I mean, the hottie, hipster Prime Minister of Canada has all but infomercialled that medical marijuana will make you smarter, healthier and better looking...
The first five volunteers to fall ill were taken into hospital earlier this week, French media said. The sixth volunteer, who is not seriously ill, was taken to hospital today as a precaution.

The trial is related to a cannabis-based painkiller, according to reports - research led by the UK-based laboratory Biotrial.

A statement issued by the French health ministry confirmed that one of the volunteers is in an "état de mort cérébrale", or "brain dead."

UPDATE: Only government-approved marijuana...

...is safe... all that other stuff you've been smoking for decades can kill you...
The Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association, which represents the 27 cannabis producers licensed and inspected by Health Canada, says these dispensaries – 100 in Vancouver and nearly 50 in Toronto alone – have sprouted up aggressively over the past year or so and put public safety in danger.
And don't think this means you get to grow your own dope...
George Smitherman, a former Ontario Liberal deputy premier... is a promoter of marijuana facility THC Meds Ontario Inc. Mr. Smitherman said, “I don’t think we are going toward a model where legalization means you should grow some stuff in your backyard.”
Georgie knows best. It's "Justin Joints" or nothing.


LAST WORD: Just a coincidence, I'm sure

It's not just Furious George cashing in on Justin Trudeau's dope deals...
MONTREAL — Liberal Party of Canada CFO Chuck Rifici has become a multimillionaire in just a few months thanks to his stock-traded medical marijuana company, QMI Agency has learned.

Documents show Rifici's initial investment in Tweed Marijuana Inc. has so far sprouted into an $18-million bumper crop.