19 October 2012

Viscious premeditated gang murder...

...they'll be out in a year...
• TORONTO • Three teens who murdered a pal by shooting him (4 times) in the back and then dumping his bullet-riddled body in the Humber River have been handed the maximum sentence.

As he lay on the ground suffering from the gunshot wounds, he was also stabbed by a pair of scissors several times in the neck.
Yup... that "justice" system is a real brute... look at what the accused were subject to...
The killers admitted to aiding each other in the murder, but no one has been named as the gunman.
Four years for a horrific premeditated murder?

The next Conservative project should be to scrap the "Young Offenders" act and put real measures into place.


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• TORONTO • Almost 800 Toronto cab drivers picked up welfare cheques from the city in the last two years.

A report going to the city’s audit committee next week finds 1,539 people holding business licences from the city — including 759 cabbies, 104 strippers, 170 holistic practitioners and 32 buskerscollected around $20 million in welfare payments while claiming they had zero income between January 2010 and December 2011.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong was quick to pounce on the report Tuesday saying it raises “some really interesting questions.”

“What this is showing is about 800 taxi drivers are reporting zero income and are claiming welfare,” Minnan-Wong said.

The cases are only a fraction of all those on welfare in the city — Toronto Employment and Social Services had 170,000 cases last year and shelled out approximately $915 million in “basic financial assistance.”
Just something to think about, Toronto... while you're signing that ever-increasing municipal tax cheque.