17 September 2012

What's a little torture murder...

...between friends?
-- OTTAWA -- Iran has had no ambassador in Canada since Iranian security forces raped and murdered Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi in 2003. Canada has been a leader in imposing sanctions on Iran to halt Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Never mind all that, forget about hurtful words... the only party line today... is let's party...
“Absolutely not. I’m a senator. I’m free to do as a I wish with respect to my engagement with the Iranian community and with the people of Iran,” he told Maclean’s. “Today’s not about politics. Today’s about enriching one another through art.”
This guy is supposed to be a Conservative? Stephane Dion is further to the right than this moron.

Just another reason to abolish the Senate. Do it now.


UPDATE: Well, this is timely...
The Harper government plans to ask the Supreme Court to vet its controversial Senate reform plans in the face of opposition from provincial governments and some of its own caucus members, sources said.
There's just one small problem...
The proposed reforms have made little headway in both minority and majority Parliaments, where they have faced opposition from the Liberal Party and the NDP.
At least with an elected senate it isn't "cash for life"... you get to throw the bums out.