03 January 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

First up... the CBC...

"There's been no movement from government side or the police side. The community was trying very hard to do everything in their power but it's very limited what the community can do without the government's help." --
That's weird... that's not what the police are saying...
"The investigation is going to go nowhere without co-operation. We believe they know exactly who killed this guy and none of them will say," said Edmonton police homicide detective Bill Clark. "If we got co-operation, this one we could easily solve."

Clark estimates there were at least 100 people in the bar at the time of the shooting.

Instead of placing the blame on others, Clark said the Somali community needs to deal with young members of the community who are causing the bulk of the problems.

"A lot of these kids are gangsters and drug dealers," said Clark, who noted unco-operative witnesses is a common problem in many of the region's Somali shooting cases.
Same planet... different worlds.

P.S. -- watch for the usual suspects to start screaming for Detective Clark's head... for actually daring to say stuff like this out loud.


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LAST WORD: Uh-huh... let's blame Canada
The group heard one Somali community leader speak of the "snitch factor." If one wounded man would testify, the trial could go forward, said Abdurahman Jibril, a community development worker and chair of the Somali Canadian National Congress chair.

"Kids are kids," he said of their response to efforts to encourage them to do so. "They say they won't snitch."
That's funny... that doesn't sound anything like my kid.

And, of course... it's all about our heartless, systemically racist Canadian system...
Then Ali broached the race factor.

"What's another black Somali who's been killed?" he asked as others nodded. "We feel it would have been handled in a different way if he was a white Canadian."
Yup, Ali... it would have been different. If it was a "white Canadian" who'd been murdered... his buddies would have testified and put the murderer away. There wouldn't have been any of this "code of the street" horseshit.

See, we're brought up here to work with the cops and the justice system. It's a lesson you might want to pass on to the rest of your community.


Norm said...

What the police need to do is work hand in glove with other authorities. The murder occured in a licensed establishment, Have liquor inspectors, health authorities, GST auditors and others inspect, audit, what have you until the bar owners see the light and benefits of cooperating.
Liqour inspectors are the best. I recall a bar in Ottawa's Byward Market that was always serving underage and intoxicated. The owner's always slipped out by firing the offending employee AFTER the investigation. When they wanted a license for a summer patio and after they spent big bucks on building it, the inspectors measured the railing and it was a 1/4" short of the regulation. Aplication rejected. By the time the owners corrected it, reapplied and the inspectors "got a round to it" it was October.
It's a awesome power and one which may be abused (ie graft) but one which can be very effective in cases such as this.

Neo Conservative said...

we're going to have to resort to blackmailing people... to enforce the law of the land?

if this community has lost dozens of their own children and still refuses to cooperate with the police... i'm thinkin' you're not gonna change that attitude with dynamite.

gotta have priorities, huh?


Norm said...

Dozens of their "children". When did folks old enough to vote and drink become children? Yes, it is blacmail or rather "being put between a rock and a hard place". It has been a standard police and business tacit for centuries.

Neo Conservative said...

norm... i'm afraid i'm more inclined to look at immigration reform... than strongarm tactics.

deal with the issue at the front end, so to speak.


Norm said...

Absolutley deal with immigration reform. However immigration reform will not solve the current murder. It will be closing the gate after the horse has bolted.
The front yard problem is we have an unsolved murder with uncooperative witnesses. The back yard problem is we let in thousands of immigrants from backwards, God forsaken hell holes who continue to practice their barbaric ways and tribal feuds here. Short of rounding them all up and dropping them back in the Horn we can only stop the problem from getting worse: ie stop letting more in and assimilate the ones already here (and deport the criminal element)

Neo Conservative said...

"norm says... Short of rounding them all up and dropping them back in the Horn..."

norm, i get that you're upset... but serbian-style ethnic cleansing is not the answer here.

this is canada... we don't round people up willy-nilly & deport them.

you get that, right?