30 April 2010

Paging Michael Ignatieff

Exactly what part of chasing after farmers, duck hunters & skeet shooters is gonna help knock down urban handgun crime?
-- TORONTO -- Two teens under court orders not to have firearms are charged in a string of violent gunpoint heists of TTC subway collectors.

Toronto Police Det. Mike Palermo said two robberies occurred in February 2009, another a year later, a fourth in March and the last one last Friday at the Leslie station.

Charged are: Guled Ismail, 19, of Toronto, and a 19-year-old man who was 17 when some of robberies occurred and can’t be identified.
So Michael... when is the Liberal Party gonna give us our 2 billion dollars back?

Bias? What media bias?
On the Sunday, April 18th edition of The National, the teaser for an upcoming story consisted entirely of these twelve words: "At the end of the day: Rahim Jaffer, Ms. Guergis - Cocaine? Hookers?"
Yeah... funny how that works, huh?