01 September 2009

Mayor's office strangely silent...

...on which municipal administration he belonged to...
The driver was now going west in the eastbound curb lane, leaving the cyclist clinging to the curbside door of the car. The cyclist, clinging to the car as it sped away, then struck trees and a grey mailbox like a “human battering ram,” Mr. Brazeau said.

“You could hear hitting, something, bam, bam, bam,” a third worker said.

The cyclist fell off the car when he struck the mailbox, and collapsed in a heap of blood on the sidewalk in front of Sephora. The driver kept going, hanging a right at Avenue Road.

Mr. Bryant served as Ontario's attorney general and a high profile cabinet minister to Premier Dalton McGuinty. He left politics earlier this year to take control of Invest Toronto, meant to attract business investment to the Toronto area.

UPDATE: Dead cyclist identified
The victim in a fatal accident involving former attorney general Michael Bryant was a 33-year-old bike courier named Darcy Allen Sheppard, The Globe and Mail has learned.

FROM THE COMMENTS: The legacy of Michael Bryant
Rarely do we see such cases of delicious dramatic irony outside of literature.

A few dangerous pit bulls? Ban them all.

A few dangerous road racers? Seize private property.

A man in Northern Ontario trying to fight a near-bogus firearms charge? Seize his house as proceeds of crime so that he cannot pay his legal bills.
P.S. -- I am currently unable to confirm the rumour that the McGuinty government is considering emergency legislation to ban convertibles.


LAST WORD: Hang on a minute...

...Michael Bryant has still killed more people than Bruce Montague... well, one more anyway...
After being in prison, without bail, for 11 days, Bruce was freed on Sept. 21 and will be back in court on Nov. 15 to set a preliminary trial date.
...and Bryant got bailed out the very next day.