12 September 2008

So Dawg... I've just gotta know

It looks like the mask has finally totally slipped... he's decided it's time to go after the Jews.

Anyway... how do you like your pal Canadian Cynic now?
And to no one's surprise, obsequious little uber-troll Ti-Guy is there to back the hoary, old... "Jews secretly rule the World"... play.

Don't worry Ti-Guy... the Cynic has all sorts of undesirables on his list. He knows what to do with "these people."

You might, in fact, call it CC's "solution."

Well... that certainly seems a little harsh... but considering the Cynic's usual foul, misogynistic stew... not especially surprising.

In fact, you've just gotta love how adroitly CC plays both sides of the Nazi equation... like when he goes after the administrator of the Blogging Tories.

Incredibly, none of this seems to bother ol' Dawg...the truth is, he's more than a bit of a CC cheerleader.

And that puts the allegedly compassionate, progressive Dawg and me on opposite sides of the rusty, ideological chainlink fence.

For which I am forever grateful.


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Like the Jews, Dr. Dawg?

"If CC is to be believed, Stephen Harper is now the tool, bought and paid for, by a Jewish organization."

"An old libel for a new political age."

LAST WORD: A rose by any other name...
"It's old news that anti-semitism's new home is to be found among todays laughably self-labelled "Progressive" community."

"It bubbles just below the surface among the pseudo-left in Canada, generally masked by the use of code words such as 'anti-zionist'."

UPDATE: The Dawg barks back
"If you don't like some of my friends, I loathe some of yours."
Yeah, Dawg... we can see that.

You and CC both.