18 April 2018

You've just gotta love...

...Justin Trudeau's post-national state...

Nicholas Cypui (Nick) Chan, the alleged Calgary gang leader who this week beat organized crime and murder charges for the second time in two years, is a most curious fellow who is also keenly aware of his rights — every last one of them.

During lengthy stays behind bars, he has also enlisted the Alberta Human Rights Commission, the correctional ombudsman, the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, the vehicle of civil lawsuits and prison pastors and psychologists to help him assert those rights.

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“A week after the gassing of Syrian children, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid brought greetings to one of Assad’s worst apologists on behalf of Justin Trudeau. Canada needs an answer why this happened.”

LAST WORD: The usual suspect
A male has been pronounced dead on scene after a reported stabbing inside a Toronto Community Housing building near Gordonridge Place and Danforth Road at around 7:50 a.m.

A single male suspect is described as black, about six-feet tall with a slim build and a slight goatee.


Frances said...

Too bad his "alleged" victim is no longer around to enjoy the same rights.

Neo Conservative said...

well, toto... we're not in kansas anymore.

remember, back... you were a kid and
criminal gangs ruled canadian streets
taking lives and whatever else they

yeah... me neither.


Anonymous said...

owg says...........we all know that Canada is screwed. nothing has been done about the real criminals here, politicians, because everybody in the country is at the trough. Throughout the west we have been importing criminals and welfare bums at an extraordinary rate, 100's of thousands a year. we are stupid.

Anonymous said...

well folks we had a real grown-up for a PM for 11 years the usual suspects, CBC, greenies had a mass orgasm when dip-diddy-sock-boy was elected.
So how is the transparent thingy working out for you ?

Neo Conservative said...

the lunatic left continues to worship their
boy-king nonetheless... "justin, justin...
show us your tits!"

i miss substance.


Anonymous said...

owg says...............yep, post national is where we are. tory Redux tells us exactly where we are. Stupid is where we are. A lack of intellect is where we are. When your society has no idea where or what they came from they will cease to exist. Ok folks, let the brown primitives take over. good luck getting clean water. Our own primitives have proven that can be difficult.