12 April 2018

Dumb it down...

...it's what Liberals do when the ship keeps sinking...insert alt text here

This year’s EQAO Grade 10 literacy test is old school — pen-and-paper — after a pilot project to move it online ended in digital disaster.

But in a new-age twist, stressed students who need more time to finish it will get it — even if they don’t have previously arranged approvals in place allowing them additional minutes.

The relaxed time rule will also apply to Grade 9 students writing the provincial math test.
When will the madness stop?


Anonymous said...

old white guy has a question...............do any of them know how to write or spell? I sure would love to review some of those papers.

Neo Conservative said...

it certainly does not bode well in an
ever increasingly technical society.


John the Mad said...

You ask, "When will the madness stop?"

It won't. That's the whole point.