30 April 2018

Gotta have priorities

Just something to think about... during that bleak, lonely and seemingly interminable wait to see an oncologist...waste of space

"We plan on using this facility as an innovation platform to inform the transformation of the entire jail system."
Oh yeah, Fraggle Rock... we get that loud & clear.


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Stuck in T.O. said...

I guess we've lost sight of the fact that jail is meant to deter.

Neo Conservative said...

deter? seriously?

as far as i can tell, jail is the
place to be if you want a free
university education or a new,
totally subsidised set of genitals.

if you have a serious medical
condition in ontario... you
might do better in the queue by
getting yourself arrested.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...................Stuck, we lost the desire to punish crime decades ago. I am surprised the stats are not worse than they are. It makes me think that many crimes are being covered up or minimized.

Neo Conservative said...

we've allowed the system to be skewed.

we let karla homolka out years ago and
paul bernardo was eligible for day
parole last year.

every time they arrest some urban
gangbanger, we find out he's got a
record a mile long.

we're reaping the whirlwind is all.