24 April 2018

Dear Konstantin...

...you and Prime Minister Dressup should save your rainbows and magical pixie dust sideshow for naive, gullible pre-schoolers...insert alt text here

Konstantin Goulich, a local resident, appeared with bags of markers and rolls of cardboard from a dollar store. “Guys please come and write how you’re feeling: your wishes for the victims, if you’d like to say something. Every bit of support counts.”
Let me tell you what this idiotic display of virtue signalling means to the families and friends of the dead and horrifically maimed. That'd be SWEET... F@CK... ALL... because, unlike you & your ilk, they'll be dealing with this horror show for the rest of their lives.

Shame on the New York Times for being party to this. No wonder the rest of the world sees Canadians as infantile, milquetoast apologists for every kind of evil.

That assuredly includes random, unprovoked mass murder.


UPDATE: Don't get hopes up for justice...

...just like bus beheader & cannibal Vince Li... he'll be back on the street in a jiff...
"I had classes with him. He was mentally unstable back then. He was known to meow like a cat and try to bite people."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............Canadians are infantile, milquetoast, apologists there is no other description that applies. we will never know the truth of the matter because the media and the governments will keep it hidden or obscure it with some sort of bull and bafflegab.

Neo Conservative said...

toronto mayor john tory has issued
a call for "unity."

i guess we're all supposed to agree
running random people over with cars
is a bad thing.

loud & proud, canada. do it for
the dead.


Martin said...

Yes the inevitable flower and teddy bear memorials are as infuriating as the banal "Out hearts.... victims" utterances of involved politicians.
Clearly there is nothing relevant to say with respect to the murdered victims families; it would be good to hear this just once from said politicians.

Neo Conservative said...

just read a little bit about the
first identified victim of this
mass murderer... and i know there
is nothing anyone can say to her
family that will assuage their
horrific loss.

this lunatic should have been in
a padded cell a decade ago.


Stuck in T.O. said...

Tory made his first comment very early in the game, before there was even indication the act was deliberate, and he couldn't wait to mention Canada's proud reputation for inclusivity. I was astounded. Then I remembered it was Tory.

Neo Conservative said...

i despair for my country... this is
why i chose to move to cow country
in 2001.


Stuck in T.O. said...

I envy you, Neo.