05 April 2018

Live and don't learn

What sort of "legislation" would have stopped Abdullahi Mohamed from cutting down a random stranger in cold blood to "send a message?"Nnamdi Ogba

An alleged murderer accused of gunning down Nnamdi Ogba was on statutory release for an Edmonton restaurant shooting and drug offences, his parole documents stated.
Abdullahi must really love that penitentiary cuisine.


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"Maybe we should be grateful that the kind of people who might otherwise be searching the web for bomb-making tutorials are instead busying themselves trying to work out what exactly it is you do with quinoa and goji berries."
But everybody has met at least one...
"If you support dairy farmers you are supporting a regime worse than Nazi Germany. Hitler is still alive and he lives in the heart and mind of every animal abusing rapist slave-owning dairy farmer," he wrote. "If you eat fish you are a disgusting psycho."
Some folks are fighting back.


Anonymous said...

I am just guessing here but I think that lovely bit of venison made the Vegan tribe salivate.

Stuck in T.O. said...

Yep. I'll stick with calling myself plant-based...silly as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

My dear wife's extended family from dear old England came for a visit.
Mention was made that I was an enthusiastic moose hunter.
Horror! This nice woman, who from the look of her had never missed a meal, was horrified that I "killed" animals.
She could to a certain extent understand "hunting" but cutting them up and eating them?
Making sausage, jerky.
With my own hands.
She truly believed meat came from the grocers in styrofoam trays.
She admitted to eating lamb, wearing leather shoes, but said she probably shouldn't?
I have to stoop to this, Neo, never forget Herr Hitler was a vegan.

Neo Conservative said...

150 years ago if you weren't some sort of hunter or trapper... you starved.


Anonymous said...

You have it right Neo, I am as well as being a red seal welder a licenced trapper not a bad hand at blacksmithing either.
My dear old dad who grew up at "Rat Portage" with 9 siblings, 6 of whom survived childhood, taught me many things.
You could call us Metis, we call ourselves Canadian and damn proud of it.