07 April 2018

Germany... live and don't learn...

...AND DIE...will of allah

"At least three people were killed and dozens injured Saturday when a vehicle plowed into pedestrians in the German city of Munster before the driver killed himself, police and local media said."
German Justice Minister Katarina Barley wrote on Twitter that her thoughts were with the victims and that "everything must be done to clarify the situation."

UPDATE 15:00: Questions about drivers identity...
Another police spokesman, Andreas Bode, said it was still too early to declare the incident an attack and could not confirm the suspect's identity. German media has reported that the driver may be a German national with mental health problems.
That's funny... with the crazy-ass Florida school shooter it was all about the NRA and an inanimate steel object. Will Germans soon be screaming for a ban on camper vans?


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German Federal Employment Agency attributes the financial increase in the programme to the growing number of foreign families who are seeking work and living on unemployment benefits. A spokesperson for the agency said that a large role is being played by the number of refugees.

According to the study, 583,600 of the children reliant on the government funds in the middle of 2017 were from foreign families. Compared to June 2016, this represents a jump of 41.1 percent.
Anyone know what Justin's 50,000 Syrian refugees have cost so far?


Anonymous said...

Yes but, one legged vetrans are asking for too much, what a little weasel.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........it doesn't matter what the Syrians cost Canadians because canadians worship at the shrine of welfare driven multiculti, diversity and will gladly go bankrupt before ever thinking about disposing of the system that will bankrupt us.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, we're not the only country willing to die on the altar of multiculturalism.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............I guess God has decided he has had enough of us and has induced a world wide insanity.