23 April 2018

They ever get together with...

...the "smokin' dope as a sacrement" bros... we're gonna have us a hellacious party...

ORANGE FARM, South Africa — Dressed in a red robe and a gold-trimmed bishop’s miter, the clergyman pours whiskey into his cupped hand and anoints the forehead of the man sitting before him.

Welcome to Gabola Church, which celebrates the drinking of alcohol. The South African church was started eight months ago and has found an enthusiastic following.

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"Trepanning, the act of drilling a hole into your skull and allowing it to heal over, is one trend starting to gain more traction on the underground body mod scene."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............isn't that just great, drilling holes in their heads. i wonder, does it let the stupid out or let it in?

Neo Conservative said...

this sort of self mutilation is a
disturbing sign of mental illness.

it's about stupid... but mostly
about crazy.