11 April 2018

Liberal Party demonises Gun Owners

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The e-mail claims that “just as Stephen Harper did”, that Conservatives are attempting to “weaken Canada’s gun laws” and are taking orders from “Canada’s NRA.”

This was accompanied by a photo of Justin Trudeau, meant to look very stately and poised, pleading for funds to stop the NRA invasion by “fighting back.”
Who actually belongs to this little known shady NRA offshoot? Maybe it's this guy...
A suspect in a Brampton double-shooting which critically injured two people has been arrested and is facing attempted murder charges early Friday. Gurpreet Araich, 41, of Brampton, is facing two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and numerous gun-related charges.
And, btw... Omar Khadr's hand grenades have still killed more people than my guns...
"He told the court no one had forced him to change his pleas. When asked if he had killed Speer in 2002, Khadr answered, quietly, 'Yes.' When asked if it was true that he conspired with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, he also answered 'Yes'."

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Anonymous said...

Never mind the guns , how about a registry for perverts, murderers and abusers, terrorists.
who have had a picture taken with Juth-dim.
the list is long and getting longer, birds of a feather?
Once is "meh" twice is hmm, number 3 and 4 show a trend that should not be ignored.
But how about Harper?
What a silly excuse for a man.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... sadly, though... never gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............the most dangerous thing to freedom is a liberal/socialist.