27 April 2018

I place the blame squarely on...

...the National Cutlery Association...insert alt text here

"Knife crime is at its highest ever recorded level, and murders were also up by nine per cent in England and Wales, with a total of 653 recorded by police across last year."

Killings rose from 109 to 157, but the Met’s stats do include the 14 people killed in the three terror attacks. Even without the terror attack, the rise is 31 per cent, more than three times the national rise over a similar period.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was quick to jump on the statistics to argue the crime wave was not his responsibility.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says................as was said a long time ago, " the last war will be fought with sticks and stones'. As one weapon is no longer available another will be used. Man's inhumanity to man will never end.

Anonymous said...

Every day I walk past a sign at the entrance to the Yonge/King Subway that says, “No soliciting, loitering etc on Subway property”. It’s a just a few feet past the homeless guy holding the subway entrance door open and holding out a cup for donations. Then, access to the turnstiles is often blocked by some charity group in brightly coloured T-shirts soliciting for something or other. Then, as I descend to the platform, there’s often this woman in a burkah, holding a badly written sign saying she needs money to buy food for her children. Then, once on the train, there’s often a quite scary junkie wandering up and down the cars, asking for spare change. We haven’t got to SF levels yet, but they are working on it!

Neo Conservative said...

every time i come into toronto, i encounter
beggars on the highway off ramps threading
through the cars. a lucrative way to augment
one's welfare cheque, i imagine.