09 April 2018

He took his evil "thunderstick"...

...and made Commonwealth Games history...bang bang

The 79-year-old Canadian made his debut Monday in the Queen’s Prize Pairs Finals in the full bore shooting competition. He and teammate Nicole Rossignol were placed ninth after the first day of the final.

UPDATE: Ruthlessly knocking out the competition

Those gun people are unfeeling monsters...
His debut at the Games on Monday will break the record previously held by England's Doreen Flanders, who took part in lawn bowls at Glasgow 2014 a few weeks after her 79th birthday.
nb. *** Perhaps PM Pussyhat would like to overhaul the
41 pages of rules?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............good for him. I feel old, I just realized that this is the last year I get a five year licence.

Neo Conservative said...

i just hope the lunatic left doesn't decide to
burn a cross on his lawn when he gets home.


Frances said...

Does anyone remember Susan Nattrass? I think she's probably the most successful Canadian shooter ever.

Neo Conservative said...

but, of course...

Susan is a 7 time Women’s World Trapshooting Champion,
winning the gold medal in 1974, ’75, ’77, ’78, ’79, ’81 and 2006.
She won the silver medal in 4 World Championships (1971, ’82,
’91, and 2001) and the bronze in 4 World Championships (1983,
’85 (team), ’86, and 2005. Susan competed in six Olympic Games
in 1976, ‘88, ‘92, 2000, ’04, & ‘08; she is one of sixteen shooters
worldwide to compete in at least six Olympic Games. Her best
result in the Olympics was 6th in women’s trapshooting in the
2004 Athens Olympics.


BDFT said...

Shooting is one of the most inclusive sports there is. I have shot trap competitively with men and women as young as 14 and as old as 91. At 91 they don't shoot much but they are still there competing.