23 April 2018

A Bloody Day in Hogtown

BREAKING 18:45: Driver has been identified...insert alt text here
...significantly,though... not by Canadian lapdog media...

CBS News sources identified the suspect as Alek Minassian, 25, and obtained a photo of him from social media Monday evening.
Apparently Alek was taking the 7 year college degree program...
According to his LinkedIn, Minassian was a student at Seneca College in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada from 2011-2018.
FWIW, this appears to be an Armenian name.

**********van registry
“There was a girl near me just 10 feet away and he just ran right over her, I”m sure she’s dead. He just kept on going and people were flying everywhere.”

“A couple blocks further there was a man lying in the road. He had been hit by a vehicle. His shoes were like 100 feet away up the road, he’d obviously been hit very hard and flung far. I checked for vital signs, he appeared to be deceased.”

UPDATE: Killer in custodyfuck his soul to death**********

"Time for a ban on assault vans. And vehicle rental agencies must be required to do background checks."
And Premier Wynndfarm has chimed in...
"Hearing a number of people have been hurt at Yonge and Finch."
Hmmm... you mean the 10 people who've been killed, or the 16 others in hospital, Premier?

Meanwhile, over at Canada's Post-National broadcaster...
"I almost had a heart attack. When I came here people told me it was a safe country and that's why I stayed here," said Amir Bahmeyeh, who said he'd come from Iran. "Now, I saw the accident, maybe I go back my country."


romarin said...

Could be a Syrian name. Anyway another poverty stricken oppressed person who goes to a community college.

Neo Conservative said...

not hearing anything about a syrian connection, but the left-sucking canadian media are starting to ramp up a "geeky autistic loner turns serial killer" narrative.