27 April 2018

Justin wants new firearms prohibitions...

...but can't even be bothered to enforce existing laws...liar,liar

"Convicted underworld killer Rocco Zito was granted a legal gun permit after he served prison time for shooting a man to death in a debt collection, court heard Thursday."

"A police search after Zito’s death found more than a half dozen firearms in his home, as well as ammunition for rifles and pistols and an illegal silencer for muzzling the sound of gunshots."
From the folks who brought you that new, "streamlined" security process...
"The report said that to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election campaign promise to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015, changes were made to the screening process."

"The screening period was shortened to 96 hours from 30 days, for example."
I feel safer already.


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...or as it's known to residents... just another Saturday...insert alt text here
Toronto police are on the hunt for gunmen after a shooting in the Regent Park area in the early hours of Saturday morning after a call reporting six shots fired in the Dundas and Sackville Streets area around 12:30 a.m.

Two unknown males wearing hoodies fled the scene. Police say the victim is not cooperating.
Sounds like the U of T lacrosse team is letting off a little steam [/sarc].


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One male was taken to hospital with serious injuries after a shooting in North York overnight. The incident occurred in the area of Finch and Islington Avenue, early Sunday morning.

Police have not released any information on possible suspects.


Anonymous said...

Refugees causing a shelter crisis in Toronto, apparently. I have a serious problem with this.

Neo Conservative said...

forget refugees... we have to start rounding up
farmers, hunters and olympic sport shooters.

that'll fix things.