18 April 2018

Let them eat bankruptcy

A world of lopsided entitlement... what could possibly go wrong...

"Starbucks, in other words, has just announced its stores are now privately-funded shelters and bathroom facilities for the homeless."
Never a real fan of their overpriced coffee... and I suspect that turning your place of business into a clubhouse for the belligerently disenfranchised may have a significant effect on their bottom line.


UPDATE: Never mind Confederate statuary...

...tear down racist, patriarchal Starbucks...
"Robinson said he thought about his loved ones and how the afternoon had taken such a turn as he was taken to jail. Nelson wondered if he’d make it home alive."
The Black Police Commissioner, strangely enough, seems to see things a little differently.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I suspect it's the prerogative of the franchisee.

I'm an infrequent customer as well, but from what I've seen, the demographic in Toronto seems to be the bookish student, tidy hipster and Lululemon-mommy-with-stroller type....none of whom would cotton to sharing a table with a loiterer....especially with all the mentally ill wandering the downtown.

Neo Conservative said...

it sure doesn't stop them from screaming about all the old white guy patriarchal inequities.


Unknown said...

Your typical business meeting at Starbucks would involve the purchase of a non-alcoholic beverage of choice as a sign of respect for sharing the premises.....These birds now scream victimhood when all they had to do was fork out $3.00 for a coffee and all is swell.....it just seems that black folks go out of their way tp provoke incidents ..knowingly or unknowingly that is the question.

Neo Conservative said...

"knowingly or unknowingly"

one of the cough, cough... entrepreneurs
is now claiming he feared for his life.

draw your own conclusions.