13 April 2018

There's a "consistent tool" here, alright...

...meet school Superintendent William Hall...

All 500 teachers of Millcreek School District near Erie, Pennsylvania got a 16 inch bat in the wake of the Parkland, Florida high school attack in February.

The superintendent said the aim was to have a "consistent tool" for every teacher in every classroom.

An online survey also asked whether teachers in the district should be armed if the state passed laws allowing it. "About 70% favoured that," Mr Hall said, "but we're not really actively planning that right now."
Isn't there some popular folk wisdom about bringing a cudgel to a gunfight?


"It's not to stop the shooter, it's to hit the bullets away."


UCSPanther said...

They would be better off with WWI-style trench maces...

Neo Conservative said...

people don't want real solutions. they want
gestures... like marching around shouting or
piles of flowers or teddy bears.