30 April 2018

Hey, Justin...

...How's that war on unacceptable speech coming along...emperor justin I

“In Russia, I don’t think anybody is terrified of Roskomnadzor in terms of the power it has. People are more terrified of its incompetence.”
Two words... Phoenix... payroll.


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Of course, in the universe where we really live, to claim “outrage fatigue” would be to talk nonsense, like saying “my quantum mechanics are getting pooped.”

In our world outrage is infinite and expanding at the speed of light — literally, via Twitter.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............the future of the net?

Neo Conservative said...

future of life in canada. the trudeau
government has already restricted the
nomination process so that anyone who
is opposed to abortion cannot be a
candidate for office.

also, no government funds dispensed to
any groups that do not sign paperwork
supporting unrestricted abortion.

and there's the hate speech law. do
you think they'll stop at telling you
what to think and say?