01 March 2018

Just like O.J. Simpson...

...CBC working overtime to identify "the real killers"...lies

"I know one of those bullets could be shredding through me if I was misidentified as a school shooter," Hogg added.

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"When they found the a 16-year-old boy at a nearby bus stop, police said they stabbed him repeatedly. The attack occurred in the area of Coxwell and Cosburn avenues shortly after 3 p.m. A 17-year-old male suspect was arrested in the case later that day."

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First they came for Robert E. Lee...
A spokesperson for the city said some community members found the gorilla offensiveracially insensitive — in some form, and requested its removal from the park.

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Anonymous said...

So a gorilla statue is "racially insensitive"
Who is complaining I ask, the Chimpanzees?
He musta been spotted wearing a MAGA hat at a Trump rally, just sayin'
Maybe they could spray paint him white
Naah that would be cultural approbation, raccissit!

Neo Conservative said...

does this mean gorillas will be removed from zoos all around the world?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Neo.
On the other hand maybe "gorillas" are what happens when Chimps meet their mates at family reunions.