06 March 2018

C'mon, Justin... you promised...

...anyway, it's not like he was going to join a... sweet baby jebus...big bang

Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy’s lawyers have asked for a short sentence for the Mississauga, Ont. resident so he can return to Canada, where his family is proposing he undergo mental health treatment and religious counselling.

“We have full faith that with the love and values that his parents raised him with, he will be able to be rehabilitated to be a productive member of society,” wrote Hesham Youssef, who manages a Toronto-area Islamic centre.

The reintegration of violent extremists who have been active abroad set off shouting matches in the House of Commons last fall as the Conservatives accused the Liberal government of greeting returning ISIS members with “group-hug sessions.”

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"When he’s finished his grisly handiwork, he fires the gun into the air and shouts 'Allahu akbar!'”
I blame the NRA.


LAST WORD: There's my Conservative Party...
In a tweet today, Caesar-Chavannes apologized to Bernier for telling him to "check your privilege and be quiet," suggesting they meet in person so they can try to resolve their differences on an important issue.

Bernier replied by saying he isn't interested in a meeting because the two share no common ground, and says Conservatives should support treating everyone individually without any labels at all.


dmorris said...

The comments at the link are very disturbing,many with ME type names want the poor little fellow brought home and given love,hugs,and rehab all at our expense.
Some commenters claim he was entrapped by the FBI, others say the ME equivalent of "he was just a boy being a boy"!

These bastards are going to find LOTS of sympathy among their fellow religion-of-peacers when they get back here.

Neo Conservative said...

just wait 'til that first ied goes off at yonge and bloor during rush hour. that'll change things up.


Anonymous said...

A terrifying prospect, but true.

Anonymous said...

Yup Juth-dimmy'e hug a whacko is going to be paid for by us the people.
He is probably hoping for a ticket in the Lieberal Lottery everybody is a winner!
Except for us we have a PM who shamefully tells a one-legged veteran "veterans expect too much"
Then he goes on a magical mystery tour with soapy, kids and nannies on our dime.

Frances said...

That's okay, Neo, but chances are the victims will be ordinary working people, not the idiots who think all jehadis are just misunderstood and the only bad 'uns are straight whites.