20 March 2018

It could've been worse...

...think "sex robot"...insert alt text here

"A self-driving Uber car hit and killed a woman in Arizona on Sunday night in what appears to be the first fatal accident involving an autonomous vehicle, according to reports."
Don't just phone it in...robokill


Fred from BC said...

This story made me curious, not because of the information given, but because of the information *not* given. Turns out, if you search for it, that the woman was not just "walking outside of a crosswalk" as reported by most news outlets. No, the was actually "crossing the street outside of a crosswalk"...in other words, what we used to call JAYWALKING. There's a reason that it's illegal and you get a fine for doing it. I don't understand why people appear to be trying to hide this fact.

Neo Conservative said...

and people being people do unexpected, unlawful things. kate at sda has a post on how the vehicles lidar, given the terrain, should have noticed this "obstacle".