02 March 2018

Conservative Party of Canada announces...

...it's going to the vet to get "tutored"...bombed

“Throughout the whole night, the Sikh Community has been working aggressively to refute the frivolous allegations of labelling our community as terrorists at the request of foreign and corrupt entities.”
Like, say... the government of India.


Anonymous said...

Juth-dim has bhranga danced his stunned school girl self into a minefield.
The finger pointing is hilarious.
Time for a costume change.
If Conservatives can't kick his entitled little ass they are lame, they aren't ready either.
How the number one thing he "hears" across Canada is we want more immigration is such a lie.
With automation coming at a gallop where are all these so-called "refugees/liberal voting blocks" going to live and what are they going to do?
Government housing and government jobs, besides somebody, has to wrap a towel around their heads and nod at the Dummy's town halls.

Neo Conservative said...

which political party can pander harder?

so far, it's a race.