28 February 2018

Meet Canada's new "Austin Powers"

The very definition of "taking one for the team"...spy games

"Daniel Jean is a career bureaucrat who came to Canada’s top job in national security and intelligence out of his post as deputy foreign affairs minister in May, 2016, with no discernible credentials in either national security or intelligence."
Which became amply evident after M. Jean's shake & bake "Indian Spy Ring" conspiracy theory collapsed entirely...
On Thursday, Surrey Centre Liberal MP Randeep Sarai confessed that it was he who greased the wheels for Atwal in India, not some cell of cunning Indian spies.
But, hey... it gets better... by which I mean worse...
Contrast the Trudeau government’s willingness to accommodate the increasingly belligerent regime in Beijing, the world’s foremost police state, with its cavalier indifference to the security concerns of Mother India, the world’s largest democracy, and you’ll see why Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Amarinder Singh have been a bit worried about us lately.
What has Pierre-Lite gotten us into this time?


Anonymous said...

The beat goes on, the lack of credentials of Daniel Jean seems to be a prerequisite for dancing Justin's ministers.
Never mind they want to make changes in our "justice system.
I could not agree more.
Castle doctrine.

Neo Conservative said...

yet another spectacularly unqualified trudeau minion.