11 March 2018

More Rainbows & Unicorn farts

♫ "Let's go up to the lab...
and see what's on the slab
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junkie haven

"Decriminalizing harder drugs is not a step that Canada is looking at taking at this point," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a town hall meeting in Edmonton last month.
Yeah... tell that to Vancouver...
With overdose deaths once again on the rise in Vancouver, the city is calling on the federal government to immediately decriminalize the personal possession of ALL drugs.
Because, you know... making the acquisition and possession of drugs less onerous will result in an immediate drop in consumption.


COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Keep your city...

... out of our country...insert alt text here
"A man in rural Alberta who was charged by police after shots were fired during a confrontation on his property was met with applause from about 150 supporters after he made a court appearance Friday."
It's starting, folks.


Anonymous said...

So, we have to make people feel "safe" enough to leave their drug-addled existence and seek treatment. And this will be done by decriminalizing all drugs.

Nope. I don't get it.

Neo Conservative said...

junkies will kneecap their aged granny for their next hit... legal, illegal, they don't give a shit.

the perception that heroin or fentanyl is more morally acceptable only benefits the merchants of death who peddle this poison.

perhaps, as darwin posited... every once in a while, the herd needs a little thinning.


Anonymous said...

"Safe injection site" is a Lieberal oxymoron.
"Fanatyl for all" would solve the problem.
If people want to risk their lives for a thrill why do I have to pay for it?
Decriminalize drugs, I guess that will get Sock-bozo some more votes assuming the druggies survive and can find their way to the voting booth.
I watched the community rally for the young man standing accused of defending himself, would like to have been there.
LUKE 11:21
So Ford won and the three time loser is going all Hildebeast over it. MOGA!

Fred from BC said...

Have you seen those TV ads and billboard spots with the guy sitting at a desk looking out the window of his house, followed by captions stating "Husband, father, co-worker, coach, drug user"?

(or are those just shown in the Vancouver area?)

There are two or three different ones now, but every one features a clean-cut middle aged man or woman, and every one makes me think,"yeah, but those people are *smoking pot* not injecting heroin!"

They're trying really hard to save a lot of people who don't deserve (or want) saving.

Anonymous said...

Our Environment Minister is insisting that building pipelines will help Canada meet its Paris Accord numbers, so, it makes perfect sense that decriminalizing all drugs will cut down on overdoses. I guess I'm dieting all wrong.

Neo Conservative said...

"every one features a clean-cut middle aged man or woman"

the left wants the rest of us to accept whatever premise they put forward... no matter how ridiculous.

it's the entire raison d'etre for the cbc.

don't play their game.


Anonymous said...

Gee can't help noticing that the "clean cut middle aged man/woman undercover junkie" is WHITE!
Is this the peak of white privilege ?
All them whiteys snarfin' up the good shit while pretending to be mothers, fathers, coaches, work mates etc.
Yup I go down East Van the junkies look just like them /sarc.
How come there are no brown, black, red stealth junkies?

B Smith said...

Didn't they already "do something"? They just recently created safe injection sites. With that failing, Vancouver now wants to double down on stupidity on an industrialized scale.

Neo Conservative said...

"double down on stupidity" is an apt phrasing.

if only there was a similar effort to stop the flow of drugs.

malaysia has the right idea... hang a few dealers... reassess.