16 March 2018

The sad truth is... 33 years late...

...still beats Justin Trudeau to the punch...big bang

OTTAWA – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh declared Thursday that he accepts the findings of the Canadian inquiry into the Air India bombing and condemns all that were behind the horror that killed more than 300 people off the coast of Scotland in 1985.
Wait a minute... is Jaggi just covering his meat?insert alt text hereFunny how Global News only got half the story.


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Canada... where you can murder 300 people, perjure yourself to free your co-accused... and still not get a life sentence.


Anonymous said...

Jagmeat wowed the local high school kids in Parksville, he said he would immediately ban single-use plastic bags for groceries.
Terrorists not so much.
is it just me or does his turban have a Marge Simpson vibe, just askin'?

Neo Conservative said...

apparently the dipper leader's announcement was simply trying
to get ahead of all the emerging evidence of his pro khalistan
terrorist associations.

seems global news bit hard.