17 March 2018

Ambushed... backshot...

...that sounds so familiar...

"26-year-old Nnamdi Ogba, was shot to death on Friday night on a street in the Scarlettwood Court housing complex in Toronto's west end. Both suspects are described as black men with thin builds."

UPDATE: Come for the bowling...

...stay for the firefight...
"Toronto detective Rob Choe has identified the victims as Thanh Tien Ngo, 32 & Ruma Amar, 29. Police believe Ngo was targeted while Amar was an innocent bystander."
Ngo pronounced at the scene. Ms. Amar was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition, where she died.

nb. Don't confuse the dead guy with Ton Quoc Hoang Ngo. Different Toronto murder entirely.


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"It isn't us, it's the media. The media has distorted our image to make us look bad ... Please ... When I go to the money machine at night, I'm not looking over my shoulder for the media. I'm looking for *******." -- from 'Rock This!' by Chris Rock

LAST WORD: Secrets... they can kill you...
Kareema would soon learn from police, she wrote in court documents, that her husband was "living a double-life and having numerous extra-marital affairs with men unbeknownst to me."
That Dr Phil is never around when you really, really need him.


Frances said...

Very sad for Kareema - finding out her husband led a double life. Hope she has been able to go forward, difficult though it would be.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock yup you have to keep a lookout at the ATM, and never pull up close to the car in front of you at the light in the big city.
You might have to get out of Dodge if "somebody" is walking up to your window.
But never mind all that, South Africa Finance Minister has a way that everybody can be rich.
Call Justin.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... South Africa Finance Minister has a way that everybody can be rich."

pls tell me this website is africa's answer to "the onion."


Neo Conservative said...

update... innocent bystander killed by gangbangers... police and media can tell you what shooters were wearing , but no physical descriptions... we don't do that in justin's post national state.