09 March 2018

I blame the...

..."National Penis Association"...penisvilleThere's simply no way to tell how many commercial air travellers have been permanently traumatised.


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"Ross said the TTC is taking a long, hard look at the incident..."
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Anonymous said...

If that is a phallus, the, er, bottom portion looks a little squished.


Neo Conservative said...

if you're seeing dicks everywhere...
maybe the problem is you.


TheTooner said...

'...“Some patients and staff noticed the peculiar configuration, but they are afraid of being exposed as ridiculous by raising that flag,” ..."

I find that somewhat reassuring - there are still some people who have some sense that not everything is that big a deal.

Frances said...

Neo - google back to the crowd that used to see "NEKED WOMEN" in the melted ice cubes or in the condensation dripping down glasses in old liquor ads.

Neo Conservative said...

if i'm not mistaken, that book was called "subliminal seduction".

don't hear much about that these days.