27 March 2018

Criminals? What criminals?

toronto's most wanted

The “173 deaths since 2007” number is also highly misleading out of context. Roughly four times that number died by gunfire in Chicago in a single year.

Saying you want an end to gun violence is not a plan. If people insist on seeing guns as some sort of self-animating weapon, casting people who own them as murderers, no solution to violence is at hand.

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He’s going for the gun!” Officer Blane Salamoni can be heard saying loudly before firing three rounds into Sterling’s chest.

A loaded .38 caliber handgun was later found in Alton Sterling's right front pocket.
nb - Mr Sterling was a felon... thus disqualified from owning firearms. It didn't stop "the community" from going batshit after his unfortunate demise. I won't bore you with dozens of similar narratives.

Guns don't kill people... criminals kill people.


LAST WORD: The usual suspects...
"Police have released surveillance camera images of a total of seven suspects after a male victim was swarmed and robbed outside a store in the College and Spadina area last month."
Or how about... these fine young men?


BDFT said...

If you are prepared tp break the one big law, numero uno, Thou Shall Not Murder, then no amount of smaller laws will stop you. No criminal in Canada ever said, "I can only shoot five people at a time with my AR15/Norinco/generic semi auto so I won't bother." Enforce the laws we have and leave us law abiding people alone.

Neo Conservative said...

virtually every murderer in toronto the good has priors for violence and even murder.

do something about criminals and leave law-abiding citizens alone.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of criminality Neo, the boy king of Canada exonerates the Chilcotin Indians that deliberately murdered what 17 or 18 white folks 150 years ago.
Really sounds to me they killed the ferryman cause he would not give up the supplies for free and then went and ambushed 14 men in their beds.
Carefully looting more supplies then ambushing a pack train of goods.
A couple of questions here will Justin "exonerate" Mr Spencer for shooting in defense of his property, he was defending his land after all.
Is it OK to shoot Whitey?
They keep telling us we are "on unceded Algonquin land" after all.

Neo Conservative said...

then we should watch our settler asses i guess...

Attacks on sleeping, unarmed men do not square with modern sensibilities, but this was indeed what war had looked like in B.C. for centuries. Author John Lutz described a mid-18th century event in which a Tsilhqot’in raiding party had attacked a Carrier village as part of an apparent attempt to seize control of a rich salmon fishery. After killing every villager in sight, they left the mutilated bodies of Carrier children stuck on pikes.


Stuck in T.O. said...

I'm afraid to admit there's truly no neighbourhood in this city that's safe any more. A number of years ago on a nice summer evening, I witnessed a shooting from no more than 30 feet away at Bloor and Brunswick. I am planning my escape...6 years to retirement.

Neo Conservative said...

we left in 2001, and i'll tell you they'll bury me out here.



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