30 March 2018

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

guy martin 2010I'm saying this as someone who has violently parted company with a motorcycle at speed and racked up more than a few rupees worth of "dental remediation" expenses...

"On the Facebook page of the Sikh Motorcycle Club of Edmonton, Gurpreet Pandher described Thursday as a 'milestone and memorable day' in Alberta’s history."
I'd certainly be interested in knowing what not wearing a helmet does to your vehicle and health insurance. Not that that's gonna matter a whole lot to the comatose, quadraplegic rutabaga in the chronic care facility.


"Where do you buy a turban?"


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............looks like pandering to anyone other than a white man is standard operating procedure.

Anonymous said...

Ridden all my life and can say a few crashes, the helmet will save your life as will the seatbelt.
This is just more pandering I do think if they want to give one group special treatment, they should be on the hook for the injuries that will result.
Is Gurpreet Pandher a pun?
Never mind, if he hits a semi he will roll off Bharanga dancing
cue the drum solo

Anonymous said...

Ho Hum another day another Selfie of retarded little Juth-dim with a terriost

Anonymous said...

Cue the Jurassic Park Theme Music:
"Darwin finds a way"

Neo Conservative said...

i was wearing a no-name half helmet when i came off my goldwing up near smith falls. it saved my brain, but the resultant dental bills were more than i paid for the bike.

woke up in the ambulance as paramedics were cutting off my clothes... six broken ribs, cracked sternum, left sided pneumo-thorax and a (fortunately) minor sub-dural hematoma.

the gawds sent me a message... won't EVER ride again without a fullface helmet.


Unknown said...

Orwell quotes...

....all animals are equal..but some animals are more equal than others
.. four legs good...two legs bad.

point #8 Frankfurt school 11 point plan

8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

Neo Conservative said...

conjuring up separate laws for the citizenry based on cultural or religious beliefs is a recipe for disaster.

will justin be legalising female genital mutilation for muslims?

will hindus be able to toss wives on their husbands funeral pyres?


Frances said...

If their religious beliefs mandate no helmet, then the same beliefs should also mandate paying for any ensuing injuries and not sticking non-believers with the costs of same.

some Randy guy said...

Try one of the new modular full face helmets. I switched to one from a full face and wouldn't go back. They're really handy if you're all geared up and you've forgotten to kiss the wife goodbye.

Neo Conservative said...

i'll have to check that out.



Anonymous said...

I recall a story from the time of the RAj in India.
A rich local farmer had died his old wife who of course had had a cooking oil "accident"and had been replaced by a much younger model.
The young wife who would enherit the wealth.
So "Sutee" where in her grief she would leap onto the old boys pyre, sarc off
In reality, she was drugged and thrown on by the old boys family.
The locals having anticipating a show gathered for miles around.
Ito this seething mass of humanity marched a young British officer with a dozen soldiers.
What's this 'ere then ?
when told it was an ancient Hindu custom called "Sutee" he repied that if there was any "sutee" he would demonstrate an old and revered English custom called "hanging"
Needless to say the old Gentelman's ashes joined the mother Ganges without his young wife .