17 March 2018

And that's a death sentence...

...for you and you and you...

The managing director of the Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society, which advocates for people with disabilities, calls the case “profoundly disturbing.”

“I think it reflects concerns that a number of ethicists and legal experts across the country have been expressing about the lack of safeguards in the system. This is the problem: medical assistance in dying is come to be seen as another health care intervention when that was never the vision for this.”
Of course, not everybody agrees... I mean, just ask a Justice Minister...
In a statement to CTV News, federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said the assisted dying legislation “protects our most vulnerable, while also providing for safe and consistent access to medical assistance in dying for Canadians across Canada.”

“We intend to defend the legislation, which is a fair and reasonable law that respects Charter rights.”


Anonymous said...

Reading the JM statement, it appears that this man's complaint is quite valid. The legislation appears to be only focused on "assisted death", no provision for assisted living, even on your dime. I take it (as one who is dealing with an incurable cancer)that when the "health care" bureaucrats decide "that's it for John-boy", they will expend a lot of effort to get you killed off, directly or indirectly. There are no protections at all, you vill be killed.

By the way, does the JM even have an active license to practice Law, anywhere in Canada?

Neo Conservative said...

should doctors be allowed to pitch "assisted suicide?"

should this not be the sole prerogative of the individual?


Frances said...

"..medical assistance in dying is come to be seen as another health care intervention when that was never the vision for this." May not have been for the MD of the Institute, but one can bet it was for those promoting said medical assistance. Just as it's more financially expedient to off Granny than to walk with her to the end, it's likewise much more financially expedient to off the disabled. Too bad if they are still enjoying life and cherishing living; have to save the funds for trans-gender surgery and life-long psychotherapy to maintain the dilusion.

Death, MD said...

Jody Wilson-Raybould appears to me to be a seriously ill person, mentally infirm and depressed to the point where she can no longer live a good life.

Possibly insane, certainly one of our most vulnerable.

She must be "protected".

I volunteer to assist.

Neo Conservative said...

we had a friend who chose assisted death after finding out she had als. she was determined not to drown in her own juices... and i get that.

that said, i'm not really comfortable with health care professionals "selling" the idea to patients. too easy to push vulnerable people over the edge.