19 March 2018

Because it's 2018

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “gender equity” budget is as shallow and ideologically-driven as he is, professor Jordan B. Peterson says. “It’s almost impossible to overstate how shallow that comment is and how not only shallow, but it’s also casually malevolent in an unconscious sense because he had a job to do which is to evaluate his MPs thoroughly and skeptically and pick the best people – period – but that isn’t what he did,” he said.

“Here we are, now we have a budget that’s equity focused. Good luck with that.”

BREAKING: It's not just Peterson...
"The popularity of Canadian Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on a steady decline as his approval ratings have fallen below U.S. President Trump in polls as right-wing parties surge across the country."


Anonymous said...

Casually malevolent. I love that. Peterson has a way of expressing himself that I could only dream of. I hope he isn't going away anytime soon, because we need him.

Neo Conservative said...

jp is a national icon and treasure.

the irony is, of course, that before the lunatic left decided they had to destroy him... he was simply a little known professor at a canadian university.

keep digging, comrades.


Anonymous said...

I have a wish Neo, to live in a Canada where the dancing, prissy, pretender of a PM we have is laughed out of office.
I will never forget or forgive that one of our Veterans, with one leg is told "Veterans are asking too much"
The son of Castro is much more than "casually malevolent"
I wish to return "the finger" his stepdad gave Western Canadians.

Neo Conservative said...

recent polling shows canadians are waking up
to the reality of this "boy-king".

let's hope so.