22 March 2018

Call me a meanie, I just assumed...

...sending parcel bombs in the mail was implicitly "a bad thing"...

Chief Manley said Conditt did not mention terrorism or hate, but described the recording as an "outcry of a very challenged young man."
Well, then... the two dead and four maimed... I blame Donald Trump and the NRA.


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Anonymous said...

Well Neo, he looks too young to be a "boomer" as far as being "challenged".
I think he did a lot of damage for no other reason than he could.
The other murderer had a whole life to live while taking away somebody's father, husband, brother, friend.
The winners are the lawyers in that case, endless appeals.
Why, oh why does a law-abiding taxpayer get "assisted" and that oxygen thief get to live to an old age?

Neo Conservative said...

i just don't get it.

what sort of deep-seated fucked-uppedness
causes someone to do such an evil thing?