14 December 2015

You get the kind of government...

...you deserve...

School officials reportedly asked Colton to zip up his jacket and cover the image because the shirt was banned due to its representation of a weapon.

For clarification, the “rebel blaster” is not an actual weapon. It only exists in the Star Wars universe.
Sunny ways, my friends.


"Wow! Seriously? I'm old enough to remember the first Star Wars movie. I haven't killed anyone....yet."

"Meanwhile, t-shirts with pictures of genocidal maniacs like Mao, are probably encouraged."
The fact is, we've just gotta do something about those scary white American males.

LAST WORD: I guess it's easier to demonise...

...t-shirts and legal firearms owners, than it is to go after actual criminals.

Wake up Toronto.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........it looks like there are every few sane people left in the country because sane people would make these idiots at the school reverse the policy, period, no discussion.

Neo Conservative said...

banning pictures of guns? what's next... we ban the word from the language?


Bill Elder said...

Let’s run down some other recent atrocities of Cultural Marxism in it’s relentless politicization/indoctrination of children:

1) Children in Portland were told to beat and kill an effigy of Donald trump which was branded as “Little devil” – the video reveals the perpetrators to be some kind of Hispanic illegal Reconquista supremest hate-fest with some dressed in the “La Raza” (the race) “Atzlan” regalia.

2) A SJW posing as a film critic tried to dip a Kurt Russel interview in Obama’s anti 2nd amendment narrative – trying to mix reality and fantasy about guns and defensive and offensive concepts – when “Snake Pishkin” burst forth and CRussel spanked this pussified statist punk with reality

I guess my point here is progressivism is pathological, it never stops trying to make the abnormal, normal, and even more disturbing, making normality, abnormal = by
making skepticism a crime, making quacks into icons, making rational people crazy

Their tool for doing this indoctrination through Political correctness, which is a war on perception, and focused at the na├»ve – children and adult children.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... making skepticism a crime"

remember when being "discriminating" wasn't a thought crime?

ie. a discriminating consumer.